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Braden Murphy

President & Founder

Atlantic Motor Labs

Braden Murphy has developed Atlantic Motor Labs’ technology from the ground-up. He conceived the idea before beginning his senior year of mechanical engineering at Dalhousie University, and worked with a group of peers to develop the design as a senior project. The group won the Innovative Design and W.R. Petri awards in the 2010 Canadian Engineering Competition, and filed US and Canadian patent applications. Braden then continued refining the design and testing early prototypes while completing his Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie. He was awarded the Governor General Gold Medal for his graduate work developing the technology, and filed two provisional patents from his thesis work. Shortly following completion of his studies early in 2013, Braden started Atlantic Motor Labs to bring the technology to commercial markets by executing a customer-driven approach to identify and pursue high-value commercial opportunities. Braden plans to use his experience operating oil and gas production facilities in Alberta and designing energy efficient mechanical systems in the UK to help develop high-value applications with the technology. 

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